Written by Anita Palada, Edward Kiersh

In the Land of Enchantment, there are so many idyllic, sun-blessed beaches close to secluded, picturesque coves, visitors face a constant dilemma.

Where to go to find a beach of one’s own?

Croatia’s Dalmatia region , a coastline caressed by transparent turquoise waters, and freckled with scores of sandy, pearl-white beaches carved out of surrounding cliffs and verdant hillsides, is a sun-worshipper’s heaven.

But even for me, a long-time native familiar with exploring coastline paths and the always soothing small island retreats, choosing one destination is just too difficult. There is so much intoxicating magic on the Radica Peninsula–where the sea-n-sun played mischievous games with the pebbled beaches, white rocks and shallow bays–there is only one way to solve this dilemma. All adventurous attempts to discover beaches untouched by the demands and constraints of time have to start in the old, charming town of Primosten, “the City of Beaches.”

Located between Sibenik and Split, this charming enclave of stone houses and secret nooks is close to ten seaside playgrounds.

Each of these beaches is near restaurants, coastal paths winding through luxuriant vineyards, and is kissed by waters that promise relaxing swims in radiant sunlight. All of them offer a distinct experience, celebrate “wellness,” and seem to be magically enveloped by pristine scenery which lulls and soothes the senses.

June Beach is totally secluded, surrounded by mighty cliffs to protect its’ aura of mystery. Here one can feel totally alone; a “secret” place where the senses are revitalized—and time stands still long enough to luxuriate in the sun, to daydream, and to gaze at either the glimmering blue water, the frolicking seagulls or passing yachts.

Dagna Beach, a tiny spit with its’ massive, pink-tinted boulders, and Marina Lucica, expansively sweeping around a cove with crystal white sand offer their own ambrosia-styled delights.

Primošten beaches
Beach June Primošten


Another unique experience awaits visitors on the uninhabited island of Smokvica Vela, a pristine isle only an 8 minute boat ride from Primosten. A veritable Garden of Eden with luxuriant vegetation, typically embraced by the gentlest of breezes, this pint-sized haven has become a go-to haven for nudists. Its’ magnetic appeal is understandable, for the flavorful scents of pine and assorted flowers  cast a spell over the island, as if the breezes are saying, “Come, savor our sensual delights.”

Other Dalmatian islands offer a similarly enticing welcome.

Even if this bounty makes singling out favorites difficult, I feel totally blessed by having such beaches near me, invigorated by the mere thought of their striking beauty. A nature lover, always swept away by the color green, I also feel energized by the color blue—the special blue sea in Croatia. It relaxes me, takes away all my stress.

So the sand and surf is more than a mere transitory getaway. They give me hope. They will transmit the same positive energy to Croatian visitors—if they explore and discover their own favorite place in the sun.

Zlatni rat Bol
Zlatni rat Bol

One glorious spot I often go to is Zlatni Rat. Invariably hailed as one of the loveliest beaches in Europe, this sugar-white pebble expanse known as the “Golden Horn” sits near Bol harbor on the southern coast of Brac Island alongside Hvar Channel. A slice of Paradise bathed by calm, blue and green waters, Zlatni is all about relaxation, indulgence—and adventures, as the westerly winds make this the quintessential escape for airborne windsurfing acrobatics.

High energy is also rules at Zrce, a beach known for bungee jumping, innovative cocktails, high-voltage techno music, and dancing in “bubble baths” until dawn. Offering madcap hijinks with raw electricity, Zrce is adrenaline-fueled, “wild and free” beach clubbing, festivals and frivolity—a place where the partying never stops.

Zrće Beach Novalja

Be heroic! Test yourself. Come here and see if you have the stamina-cum-courage to swim in the sea all day, and to enjoy hedonism all night.

That Pleasure Principle is Croatia, its’ gleaming Dalmatian Coast.

Come! Bask in its’ delights and diversions. You will be swept away by the magic.

Photos: Zrće beach – Posada agencija/ Primošten Sunset: Anita Palada/ Primošten Beaches: Tourist Board Primošten/ Zlatni rat Bol/Tourist Board Bol

Thanks a lot to Tourist Board Novalja, Tourist Board Primošten, and Tourist Board Bol for the provided photos.