Sladjana Obradovic Petrovic, PR and marketing manager does not need to know personally to feel her strength, abilities and creativity, because she is a woman who threw her ideas and work into the 21st century and before it even appeared, celebrating his arrival with its dynamics , by persistence, but also by personality, selflessly, outstretched arms, taking with her all those women who wanted to join her along the way, and then the men. Valuable and courageous people who have earned a nomination for their work and innovation, and over the years, many have been named the Most Successful Woman and 21st Century Most Successful Man.

Najžena i Najmuškarac 2019
Wife and Male XXI. century

Namely, for the nineteenth year in a row, Sladjana Obradovic Petrovic has been coordinating from year to year with a major business project, bringing together the Most Successful Woman and The Most Successful Man of the 21st Century. The event is held in Belgrade and brings together business cream de la cream businesses from all over the region, starting with a gathering of women entrepreneurs, and from last year also businessmen from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Australia, America.

Najžena i Najmuškarac 2019
For the successful and who feel that way

To gather in one place so many positive, ambitious and proactive business people, to enable them to exchange knowledge and experience, to encourage them in expanding their personal and business boundaries, to create specialties in the industry can only selfless, spirit and mind open people, missionaries, and for Sladjana we can indeed, so be it, as it is for all those business-minded people who enrich this gathering with their presence.

According to them, it is a great honor and nomination to be a part of this gathering, to represent oneself and your company which, by the set criteria, overcomes the frames of mediocrity and excels in excellence supported by innovation, credibility, human resources development, unquestionably leading to one goal, positive and successful business. Gather in one place, network, be able to tell the story of your products and services, show them to a wide and diverse audience, and quickly come up with specific information that has the multiplication of product value for both manufacturers and consumers way they can better handle their personal desires, needs and experiences.