Karl - Georg von Stackelberg - Sociologist (1965).

Public relations can outweigh the effect of nuclear power!

Do you want to actively manage your communications,  manage your own reputation, strengthen the positive image of the company,  join the intelligence that has long since realized the power of words, the most powerful   the force of humanity which,  when meaningful  benefits  always  helps, brave and uplifts.

So communicate, create  quality relationship with your environment and all  publics. Talk constructively for business interests, mutual understanding and cooperation, prevention and neutralization  adverse publicity, but it works the most  personal  well-being and satisfaction. 

Your success is my goal, to successfully coordinate the communication of all business factors, you, yours   organization, the media and the public because meaningful communication drives benefits and  develops reputation  both business and private.   

And that is why I will always:  

Write and edit text

To write a report, to report on your success to the media, to design articles for professional publications, and most importantly, I will always write a speech and prepare you for a public appearance.

Manage your publications

Design and write texts, select photos and create your website, magazines, brochures, internal newsletters

Advise and consult

Develop a short and long term communication plan and program and develop a management strategy

Organize big and small events

Entertainment, exhibitions, conferences, business meetings, inaugurations and anniversaries, team-building ...


Collect relevant information for your business, public opinion, trends, political climate

Manage your media relations and market information

Contact editors of media, magazines, answer media inquiries, prepare and conduct press conferences

Exercise and prepare you

Release the public speaking scares in front of important groups

Crisis to communicate

Crisis - a difficult word, one that throws in despair. Yes, it is the hardest to communicate in times of crisis, but timely, honest and clear messages to key audiences solve many problems and counteract negative publicity.

To train / practice rhetoric

Educate your managers and spokespersons for public speaking while continuously developing your speaking and writing skills

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